Mother Of Millions EP

by Rebel Yell

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Rice Is Nice's latest signing Rebel Yell has delivered her debut EP 'Mother Of Millions" out August 19.

Grace Stevenson is the individual behind Rebel Yell, creating brooding, industrial, electronic music. With a Korg ESX-1 and Metal zone pedal amongst others in tow Rebel Yell creates a heavy, haunting experience.

Rebel Yell was formed from multiple influential experieces. One was experiencing a showcase with Lucy Cliche, Video Easy and Sarah Spencer which opened Stevenson up to industrial music. Other influences, friends and allies are Flat Fix, Four Door, Multiple Man, Enderie Natal, M.O.B., Container and Red Red Krovvy.

When asked specifically about new solo project Rebel Yell (Stevenson also plays in Brisbane band 100%) Stephenson talks about finding inspiration from ‘dark tech’ CDR’s and the soundtrack from ‘Hackers’.

“somehow this real dark, tech started to come out. I probably blame my discovery of the hackers soundtrack which got me into dark tech like underworld, orbital and even the prodigy. Also the home made burnt disc I got from an op shop titled ‘dark tech’ along with discovering the music of Absolute Body Control, Oppenheimer Analysis and Autumns.”

Having already shared the stage with Naked, Lucy Cliché, California Girls, Pillow Pro, Enderie Nuatal, X in O and Whitney Houstons Crypt, Rebel Yell’s music is dark and brooding but also with a kick. It is something that builds and allows you to groove into it.

“Never Perfection is a crypt of hammering loops and polyrhythms, garnished by distorted orders. Solid enough for a strobe-lit bandroom sway, maybe a restrained fist pump toward the ground or two.” – Beat

“It's both confronting and cathartic, but above all, "Never Perfection" is a great piece of music." – Indie Shuffle

"I love Rebel Yell because it’s vibe and sound and image, form and function all coming together to deliver maximum impact.” – Who The Hell

"A throbbing, drowned-in-reverb, swishy synth piece. Not exactly what I expected from the cover art, but the awesomely simplistic video combined with the assault from the song make everything seem perfect in retrospective. It's Astral Skulls aesthetic taken to an extreme, clean drum loops covered by distorted washed-out nigh-unintelligable vocals. And it works." – Tinnitus Not Tinnea


released August 5, 2016



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